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Nuru massage. Everything that you could ever dream

Exceptional experience. A completely new dimension of perception of touch, pressure and caress. Pleasant excitement from your head to the tip of fingers. Nuru massage is able to satisfy even the most demanding of you. Masseuse cares your body not just with her fingers, but with her whole body. With the help of extremely slippery gel she slides on your body and gets you into the states that you've never known before.

Nuru massage is relatively new in Western world, it came to us from distant Asia, where it has been very popular for a long time. Since the masseuse performs the massage with her whole body, Nuru massage is often referred to as "body to body massage" or "body slide massage". Under all these names lies a unique massage with elements of erotic and relaxing massages.

The whole ritual begins with a shared shower with the masseuse, and then you go to the spacious comfort bed. The masseuse applies special Nuru gel to your and her own body. This gel is made from seaweed and is colorless, tasteless, odorless and non-sticky. On the other hand it is very slippery and thanks to it you'll feel every touch or caress from our lovely masseuse more intensely than ever before. The resulting effect surpasses any of your expectations.

There are things that simply must be experienced in this world. Nuru massage belongs among them. Experience it as soon as possible.